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Implementation Status

Both Serializer/RPC are in alpha version.

MessagePack-Erlang is currently in single-file distribution (because there's no good distribution system such as RubyGems, easy_install nor CPAN). If there's problem on licensing (currently Apache2.0), contact the author.


Erlang MessagePack and MessagePack-RPC both requires Erlang/OTP runtime. Get them first from Erlang public site or from your OS's distribution such as MacPorts, Aptitude, yum and so on.

You can get the serialization code from here.

Also you can get RPC code from here.

Serialization QuickStart for Erlang


Take care that Erlang string (in fact it is list of chars, not an array) can't be used in msgpack. Instead use printable binary string.


Erlang is a server-programming framework, so embedding msgpack-rpc into your server is recommended.

RPC QuickStart for Erlang

MessagePack-RPC-Erlang is server programming framework using OTP. All users have to do are (1)to just "Override" the two behaviours - `mp_client` and `mp_session`, and (2) to set then into users' OTP supervision tree.

Currently, it's far from alpha version...

Details are coming soon!

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