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Implementation Status

The serialization library is production-ready.

Currently, no RPC implementation is not available.


Mac OS X with MacPorts

On Mac OS X, you can install MessagePack for C using MacPorts.

You might need to run `sudo port selfupdate` before installing to update the package repository.

You can also install via Homebrew.

FreeBSD with Ports Collection

On FreeBSD, you can use Ports Collection. Install net/msgpack package.

Gentoo Linux with Portage

On Gentoo Linux, you can use emerge. Install dev-libs/msgpack package.

Other UNIX-like platform with ./configure

On the other UNIX-like platforms, download source package from Releases and run `./configure && make && make install`.


On Windows, download source package from here and extract it.
Then open `msgpack_vc8.vcproj` file and build it using batch build. It builds libraries on `lib/` folder and header files on `include/` folder.

You can build using command line as follows:

Install from git repository

You need to install gcc (4.1.0 or higher), autotools.

Serialization QuickStart for C

First program

Include `msgpack.h` header and link `msgpack` library to use MessagePack on your program.

Simple program with a loop

Streaming feature

Serialization QuickStart for C

Currently, no RPC mechanism is provided for C language.

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